About Wildlife Camp

Since 1992 Wildlife Camp has built up its well-earned reputation as one of the best camps of South Luangwa National Park!

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Wildlife Camp is the home of managing director, Herman Miles who established Wildlife Camp 25 Years ago.. Herman has been working in the Southern African bush for more than thirty-five years. He knows the roads, animals and plants of the Luangwa Valley like the back of his hand. He is well known for his contribution in South Luangwa when it comes to guiding and conservation.

Wildlife Camp is managed by a well-established team, each with his and her own special talents.

Hands-on management has always been Wildlife Camp’s trademark, and nobody is more involved than senior manageress Dora Troehler. She has been the face and voice of Wildlife Camp for six years now, and has a marathon worth of years’ experience in the hospitality industry, ten of which was spent in Zambia. She creates scrumptious three course dinners while warning guests about nearing elephants and she keeps the staff on their toes while making sure that guests receive a warm welcome back after their safari-drives. At Wildlife Camp we speak eight languages, – additional to English – five of these (German, Swiss-German, French, Spanish and Italian) thanks to Dora.

Besides management, Wildlife Camp has a team of highly qualified experienced Zambian safari guides. Joseph Zulu has been with the camp for more than a decade and is one of the up-and-coming stars of the guiding community. Ryver Ikwenda has been guiding for more than 15 years now and his bush-knowledge is second to none. Moses Mwanza is also very popular among our guests. Wildlife Camp also employee around 40 other local staff from barmen to housekeepers to night-watchmen and bricklayers, all here to make sure that your African-expedition produces many splendid stories.